Custom Fedora Live Media

When testing things, like in the QA Fedora team, sometimes could be useful the creation of a Fedora iso. This post is about live-media-creator. I mean, for instance, think to anaconda: a new version land on koji, or in updates-testing repository, and you want to test it as soon as possible, without having to wait for a new compose (that is a nightly build).

Systemd oneshot service

How to run a script at boot? Tested on Fedora, CentOS and Raspbian.

You can use cron via @reboot directive.

@reboot /path/to/script

But, as far as I can see, if you need the network, it seems that this way is not suitable.
Then, instead, you can use oneshot type in a systemd service. Let’s create a systemd service file: